Roll Call: What secondary general courses do you teach?

Dearest Music Teachers of the Interwebs,

I’m giving a presentation at the end of January titled, “Expanding the Musical Offerings in Our Schools: Energizing Our Students and Saving Our Jobs”. This will be the second of two talks I’ll be giving on Thursday (1/27), but I must say I need some help.

The session is designed to provide suggestions and materials for ensemble teachers who are looking for another class to add to their teaching schedule in order to help maintain a fulltime course load and, of course, to reach out to students who aren’t currently participating in their high school music program.

Here’s where you come in:

In the comments below, please leave a description of the general music courses you teach and the resources you use. If you’ve got a website or a blog with any information, please link to it. I’ll use the information in my talk and also provide your links to conference attendees. 

If you think you teach something more traditional, still leave your thoughts! If you KNOW somebody who does something interesting or unique, please let them know to come visit here. Lastly, make sure that you leave a way that I can get in touch with you. If you want to email me (rather than posting to the comments), send an email to nick at 

You assistance would be greatly appreciated! You’ll be able to check the comments for suggestions from other music teachers AND check back at the end of January for my take on everything.

Start commenting and share with others!

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  1. ginthasaurus said: Music Appreciation (your favorite!) Curriculum includes: elements of music, writing album reviews, western history, 1920-present day American music, use garage band to create music for ‘non-musicians’
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