2012 TI:ME National Conference

If you saw my presentation at the 2012 TI:ME National Conference (“A Classroom Without Walls: Connecting Students to Their Community Through Music Technology”), then this is the place to read more about what I discussed. Thanks to everybody for showing up, TI:ME for having me, and Louisville for having multiple¬†pronunciations.¬†

Here are some useful links:

  • Click HERE to see a post concerning a clinic I gave at the Illinois Music Education Conference back in January. This discusses both Music as Identity and Meet The Beatles - including lesson plans and examples.
  • Click HERE for my initial Golden Record post.
  • The Soundwalk will be published in the next issue of Leading Notes! Make sure to go check that out right now.

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    Please let me know if you try any of this stuff out and how it goes! You’re probably going to improve on them… so be sure to share with me!

    Make sure to look around while you’re here!

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