Educating the New Musician (With bonus Soundwalk article!)

I am VERY pleased to announce that the new issue of Leading Notes is out now! 

Seriously, the collection of articles - focusing on encouraging creativity and musical independence within the classroom - is amazing. That has nothing to do with me, obviously! The teachers who contributed their ideas are doing incredible things in their classrooms and they’ve been kind enough to share their lessons with you. What possible reason do you have NOT to go check it out?

SOUNDWALKS - A new unit idea from moi!

For those who have been waiting (there’s at least a few of you) for a blog post on my “soundwalk” project, then you’re in luck! There is more information than you could possibly imagine over on Leading Notes - an introduction to the soundwalk, philosophical rationale, a video with several examples, and a lengthy "how-to" PDF that you can download once you’re ready to give it a try! Click HERE to get all of the info! (I’ll include the video examples at the bottom of this post.)

A couple of articles from the latest issue (with great visuals and sound):

Anyway, if you’ve read this far, then go check the issue out! Also, if you’re doing something awesome, then contact me and let me know! I REALLY enjoy the process of working with our authors to create content that is exciting and educational for the field. Contact me: nick (at)

What are you waiting for?! Go over to Leading Notes now!

(As promised, here’s the Soundwalk video with several examples. You’ll have to go HERE to see how it’s done!)

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