Illinois High School Students Can/Should Remix Moby!


Yes! I remembered I had a blog. (I didn’t really forget.)

I will get to my stack of 30+ blog article drafts eventually, but I just wanted to use this space to publicize the new IMEA remix category for our 2012 Composition Contest! I’m very pleased to announce that ANY Illinois high school student (not just those in ensembles) have the opportunity to use source files from the platinum-selling artist, Moby, as the basis for their compositions.

Additionally (and this is not included in our state journal), Moby will listen to some of the finalists himself! How cool is that!?

Anyway, please click here to get all of the details and then make sure to share this news with your students. Also, if you’ve got other teacherly friends who might be interested in having their students enter, then please share this information with them!

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