Glee, Teaching Music Magazine, and Me (still a music teacher)

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The August 2011 issue of Teaching Music Magazine is out and I have a handful of quotes in the cover story titled, “Can Glee Make a Splash in Music Class?”. In December, I posted my Glee/MENC post - “Where is MENC?: A Look at Glee, The Sing-Off, and The History of Music Education Broadcasting”. Since then, it has become my second most popular post (behind my stick figure advocacy post). I was excited to be asked to comment on Glee, MENC’s role (or non-role) in supporting it, and how the profession should think think about/utilize the program.

The article starts on page 32. MENC members can access it online by going HERE.

I must say, however, that I am STILL a music teacher. I teach two sections of introduction to music education technology at the University of Illinois. I’m just not working full-time at the moment (but, I’ll be on the job market in less than a year!).

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