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You can stream the podcast new Leading Notes podcast (where I interview James Jordan) directly from this site.


I’m going to use this space to share my first endeavor into podcasting!

As part of the book club for the June edition of Leading Notes, I was able to interview the author of The Musician’s Soul,  James Jordan. We spoke for over an hour and, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! We talked about his books, his experiences, his outlook on music education. Through no effort or skill of my own, I think that the podcast is an engaging 50 minutes. If you’re reading my blog, then you should definitely check it out. If not for the words of James Jordan, then for my sweet theme song (kidding!).

There are a variety of ways to listen:

1. If you’ve got an Apple computer…

You should be able to click THIS LINK to download the podcast into iTunes. This will allow you to receive future podcasts without thinking about it. This might work for PC users, I’m just not sure.

2. You can stream the podcast directly from this site

Unfortunately, Tumblr seems to want to keep me from being able to stream directly from here (grrr). So, you’ll have to go to the other site and stream directly. It’s simple, I promise.

3. You can download the podcast by right-clicking here.

Of course, you always visit www.leadingnotes.org for the latest information regarding podcasts and all sorts of fun things!

In other Leading Notes news…

We’ve announced the themes for the next TWO issues of Leading Notes! AND, I need your help!

Our overall theme is “Educating the New Musician”.

  • Our first issue, titled “Rethinking the Concert”, will focus on new ways to consider performance as an important part of music education offerings. 
  • Our second issue, titled “Encouraging Creativity”, will focus on creating more opportunities for composition, improvisation, and individual artistic expression within music programs.

The deadlines are always fast approaching so PLEASE let me know if you’ve got an idea to contribute. We’d love to hear from more public school teachers who are engaging with these ideas in their day-to-day teaching. Click HERE to more about submission requirements. 

So, enjoy the podcast and please consider becoming a contributor for Leading Notes.

Until next time…

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