Seeing is Hearing: Visualizations, Music Education, and You

This is just a quick note to recommend that my fellow music teachers take 15 minutes and watch the video above -in fact, I’d watch it directly on YouTube where you can watch in HD. It’s a video made by Matthew Thibeault concerning the ways in which visualizations can be VERY useful in the classroom (and in our own musicianship). This video is a condensed version of a longer lecture he gives, but I think it’s fantastic. I used it today with my undergrads and they loved it (I did stop if more than a few times to ask them questions before the video answered them). 

The video covers a wide range of visualizations - spectrograms, MIDI displays, amplitude displays and traditional staff notation - and how they are useful in the classroom. He even includes some wonderful drawings from some of his former second graders (the Adagio for Strings illustration is beautiful).

If this video interests you, Matt’s got a video that explains how to access the spectrum in Audacity and another video on “Exploring Audacity’s Spectrogram View”.

Also, his most recent column for General Music Today discusses the various ways in which you can use the spectrogram. If you’re a NAfME member (that’s MENC’s new name) or on a college campus, it’s available here

For more on what Matt is up to, visit his site:

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